Using Adobe In-Design and Quark Express in collaboration with Photoshop and Illustrator, I have created a pluthera of marketing print collateral including; whitepapers, cases studies, product brochures, product packaging, as well as high resolution, trade-show graphics and visuals.

Price Waterhouse Coopers product borchure

W RKBENCH6 REASONS TO REWARDEDContribute templates and automations to the community for points and rewards. You can even receive cash for points starting in Winter 2019!WORK SECURELYUsing Workbench ensures that your assets are protected in PwCs secure cloud--with the addition of easier and more interactive ways to share.AUTOMATEData prep gets easier when you automate! Visit Digital Lab to learn how you can use automation, workflows, or build bots to help with manual tasks.JUMP-START AT GO”Avoid recreating the wheel.Go to the Digital Lab library to find previously created models, reports, templates or workflows! ANALYZE SMARTERCollaborate with your engagement team. Bring the best solutions together in new, digital ways to solve your clientsmost important problems.DELIGHT CLIENTSEngage your clients with interactive visualizations. Now they can drill down and explore the reports you create, via the web!

Poster designs conceived during the current global Covid-19 pandemic reminding everyone of their personal responsibilities.

Wear a Mask
Wear a Mask
Wear a Mask
Wear a Mask

2014 Tri-fold Agenda

2015 Tri-fold Agenda

2016 Tri-fold Agenda

HP Garage advertisement poster

HP Innovation poster concept

HP Innovation poster final

HP Battlebots poster

The poster concept was to have a group of HP engineers designing the metaphor of a battle bot. I quickly sketched out a rough concept for review. The BattleBot team were so happy with the initial sketch that they preferred to use the rough sketch without additional clean-up.

HP Garage promo poster